The Lottery Game Just Changed

Introducing the world’s largest international lottery, built on the
worlds first decentralized blockchain protocol.

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About Us

UltraYOLO project joins the Bitcoin evolution, with a decentralized lottery protocol built with blockchain technology. The primary mission for this project is to create a platform to manage and run the world’s largest international lottery.

Traditional lottery games suffer from centralization and high fees. Current blockchain lottery games lack a good source of randomness, suffer from high fees, slow transaction speeds, and scalability-related issues. UltraYOLO uses new blockchain technology to solve these issues.

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Core Features

Smart Contracts

Payouts secure via code


Earn from staking tokens


Provably random numbers to ensure lottery integrity

DAO Governance

Decentralized Decision Making


UltraYOLO introduces “Proof-of-Randomness” (PoR) which is a random-number-generating consensus built into the protocol level using BLS signiture schemes. This new lottery protocol provides fast transaction speeds, low fees, and most important - provably random numbers for the lottery. The random number is secured by a network of masternodes that keep the network secure.

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ICO Details

Our ICO will seek to raise approximately 10,000 ETH approximately US$ 10,000,000 to finance the initial jackpot, technology development, and marketing costs. Our tokens (YOLO) will be issued at a rate of 200,000 YOLO : 1 ETH, pegging each YOLO token at approximately US$ 0.005. The primary utility of YOLO tokens will be DAO governance and for distribution of lottery jackpot to winners. In addition, YOLO token holders will receive a percentage of all weekly ticket sales. Similar benefits you can avail from floki inu coin too. It is one of the many dog-meme currencies, like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. You can refer InsideBitcoins floki inu coin guide to learn more about it. There is no contibrution minimum, but we recommend buying at least $100 of tokens (25,000 YOLO).

Feb. 9, 2018
YOLO Token Pre-ICO begins
May, 2018
YOLO Token ICO begins

APR 2017

Idea created and team formed

MAY 2017

Proof-of-Randomness Designed

NOV 2017


DEC 2017

Ethereum Version
Proof of Concept Launched

FEB 9, 2018

Pre - ICO Starts

May 2018

ICO Launch

Q3 2018

Tokens hit exchanges

Q4 2018

ERC-20 Tokens Converted
to Native Blockchain

Q1 2019

Masternodes Launched

Lottery scales and surpasses
$100 million jackpot